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On this day the Wise agree

That a wild beast walks in the forest;

It is quite black all over.

When its head is cut off

The blackness will disappear completely

Changing to snow white.


Understood correctly,

The blackness is called the head of the Raven;

But as soon as the blackness disappears,

And the whiteness shows;

It is called "robbed of its head."


I believe the Wise

Are heartily glad;

When the black smoke finally dissipates.


Yet they keep this secret closely guarded

That no foolish man may know it;

Only allowing it to be written about

for the benefit of their Sons.


What is given of God

Becomes reserved.


Therefore one should say nothing about it

While God would have it concealed.


My son, be it quickly understood,

A cruel black dragon lurks in the wood.


- Joel Radcliffe -